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Debit Orders

Debit orders can be collected from your clients either with their banking details (Universal Branch Codes), or a credit or debit card.  See how to add banking details, and/or cards under the Clients page.  You further require an account with Sagepay & at least a Platinum account on Jobcards Online.

Debit batches run on what is called Action Dates.  Action Dates are always working days, but not all working days are valid action dates.  For a debit batch to be processed on a specified Action Date, we need to send it to Sagepay 2 Action Dates before your chosen Action Date.

Note that your maximum debit instruction limit must be larger than your highest debit order instruction.  We have no way of checking this, so you need to contact Sagepay to set it to what you require.  If a debit instruction exceeds your maximum line item amount, the batch will fail, and you'll need to contact us the same day in order to fix it.

Automatic Debit Orders (preferred method)

If your Action Date is set as the 1st you should issue all invoices & process all payments before the 25th in order to allow enough time to process & compile the debit batch.  We recommend setting up your recurring invoices & pro-forma invoices to run on the 23rd in order to ensure that you always receive your money as required.

  1. Clients are debited on a specified action date according to their outstanding balance.
  2. Navigate to the Automatic Debit Orders page, underneath the Payments menu item.
  3. All clients that qualify for Debit Order collection are listed here.  You can use the Filter search box at the top to find a specific client.
  4. Check the Active box for each client that should be added to the Debit Order.
  5. Select the Action Date required.  Debit batches are grouped together according to the Action Date.
  6. Specify if an additional Invoice should be raised if the debit order bounces, and also specify the amount if required.  This is optional, if left unchecked, we will only notify you of bounces.

Debit Orders from Documents

We realise that you do not always want to bill a client according to his outstanding balance, but rather per invoice or pro-forma invoice.  Thus we provide functionality therefor.

When creating an Invoice / Pro-Forma Invoice / Recurring Invoice / Recurring Pro-Forma Invoice, look for the Automatic Debit Options section.  Check the "Automatically debit with the details below?" checkbox, and complete the rest of the options.

If your selected Action Date falls on a non Action Date, we will automatically use the next available Action Date.

Updated: Fri, 20 November 2015

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