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The System

Jobcards Online was developed with three main purposes in mind:

  1. Ease of Use for non-accounting oriented people.
  2. Business management in an improved way for the general self employed individual or small business.
  3. Automation where possible.  Recurring documents, debit order collection, sending of statments, & various other sections are designed to be as autonomous as possible.

1. Ease of Use for non-accounting oriented people.

We are just like you.  We have business savvy.  We know how to work with people, and how to run our business in an efficient manner.  We are not accountants, and don't like to struggle with various accounting terms & principles.  Jobcards Online takes care of all the underlying technical details for you, and leaves you with just the basics.  Issue invoices, quotes, credit notes, payments, etc, and we take care of the rest.  You get an easy to see overview of who owes you what, and you can focus on running your business.

2. Business management in an improved way.

We show you the things you need to worry about, like who owes you what, how your business performs over time, and other essential information.  We don't bother you with lots of technical mumbo jumbo, and let you focus on the important parts of running your business.  With just a click or two you can email statements to your clients, or even set statements up to be automated.  Save time, manage more effectively, and enjoy your limited time with the people or things most important to you.

3. Automation where possible.

Debit orders are compiled automatically.  Invoices are automatically marked as paid.  Statements can be sent out automatically according to a schedule, and only to those with outstanding balances (if required).  We try and save you as much time as possible.

Updated: Mon, 27 April 2015