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Payments can be assigned automatically or manually.

Automatically Assigned Payments

Payments are automatically created by the following procedures:

  • Debit Orders - you do not need to record payments, we automatically assign payments.  Note that for us to handle debit bounces, you need to specify the option.  See the Debit Orders page for more information.
  • Payments made through any gateway are recorded automatically.

Manually Assigned Payments

Click on Actions next to any client or any invoice for a quick payment form.  Or click on New Payment to add a payment.

Note that when a clients balance reaches zero, or if he has a positive (credit) balance with you, all previous invoices will be automatically marked as paid.  This action is performed on all balance affecting operations, like:  assigning a payment or issuing an invoice or credit note.

Updated: Mon, 27 April 2015

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