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Welcome to the Support & Documentation site for Jobcards Online.  We will strive to give you a better understanding of Jobcards Online, & help you to get the most of our system.

Getting Started

All the basics, go from zero to hero in a couple of minutes -> Get Started.

Install our APP

How to install our website as an app on your mobile device. -> Install our APP.

The System

Read up on these sections:

API Documentation

Integrate your awesome service or product with our Developer API to make it even more awesome!  Intended for developers, warning, technical language ahead.

Add Banking Details

Visit Settings -> Banking Details to set, read more here: Banking Details.

Frequent Questions

Please have a look at our frequent questions page, you will be amazed how many people have asked your question before you!

How to Import from CSV into Excel, the correct way

The above tutorial has step by step screenshots to help you import csv data into Excel properly.

As always, if you are unsure about anything, please feel free to Contact Us.

Updated: Mon, 21 January 2019