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Different document types can be created.  Currently we support Invoices, Invoice Drafts, Credit Notes, Payments, Pro-Forma Invoices, Quotes, Estimates, Delivery Notes, & Payouts.

Only Invoices, Credit Notes, & Payments affect a clients balance, but Payouts also reflect on Statements.

Converting Documents

Certain Documents can be "converted" into other document types - converted is in quotes, as it is not really converted, the original document remains as is, but a new instance of the target document type is opened with pre-populated data from the original document.  The new document can thus be edited in all cases before creating it.

The easiest way to view actions available to each document is to click on the Actions button provided with each document.

Creating a New Document

The new document screen is divided into logical sections.  The primary section is Client, followed by Document Information.  You will mostly use these two sections as well as the <Document Type> Products section.

Creating Documents from Existing

Certain Documents can be created from an existing document.  Under the Actions menu, look for the New from This option.  It will open a new instance pre-populated with the source document data.

Updated: Sun, 26 April 2015

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